Here are some comments from recent satisfied customers:

I began training with Les when I needed help with my adolescent black lab. He shared his wisdom to train both me and the dog! Angus thrived, being trained to do the job he was bred for. His younger brother, Wilf, now has regular training sessions too, and Les skillfully adapts his lessons to their different temperaments, abilities and needs. He has given my teenage daughter a few lessons with the dogs too, where he encouraged her, enthusiastically. He always works with patience and humour and I enjoy the lessons almost as much as the dogs do. 

Helen Jones Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

 Helen and Wilf


Dear Les

We cannot thank you enough for the training given to our labrador, Laika. 

The difference in 5 weeks is truly amazing and it is a pleasure to take her for walks
and have her under control at all times.

She will now walk to heel with or without a lead, even for our 7 year old and her retrieval skills are fantastic.

I would not have thought this was our dog had we not seen her in action with you.

She looks like a working dog and is in great condition and you were worth every penny.

We would not hesitate to bring her back should we wish to advance the training and we would happily recommend your skills to anyone.

Many thanks again

Julie & Gideon Groom

Julie and Laika


Since starting training with Les I have seen my Springer come on tremendously which has been the most rewarding experiences. Les was able to offer me expert advice & guidance whilst always having dog & handlers best interests at heart. Having trained with Les & having seen him & his dogs at events his passion is both evident & infectious. I look forward to our sessions as does Guss & the sense of achievement is amazing, I have never been more proud of an animal nor worked so closely with one.

Guss was my very first spaniel & something of a handful however the skills gained through our lessons with Les have ensured this once unruly Springer is a delight to work, walk & generally be with. We’ve had so many remarks on how content & sensible he is & I firmly believe it is due to the constructive nature of the working balance established through Les’s practices. His grounds & facilities are also perfect.

There is something for every level of competence (believe me we started from the bottom up!) I cannot recommend Les & what he does highly enough. He is knowledgeable, devoted & a genuinely lovely man.

Without doubt the best in the business & absolutely worth a visit.

Claire Saunders

Claire and Guss


I have been training at Mountgrace Gundogs for the past couple of years now. My cocker spaniel thoroughly enjoys himself and has become a really impressive working gundog. As he has a natural outlet to do what he was bred for, his general behaviour at home has also improved massively.

Marie Kemp

Marie and Naboo


I have trained two gun dogs through les at his wood land training ground a cocker spanial Broc and my Labrador Copper. I would like to thank him for his knowledge and his patiance both with the dogs and my self nothing seems to phase him. On the shooting field other guns have commented as to how well they work ,most of all under control. I have a good beating dog  and a good peg dog .

Many thanks,
Ian O Connor 
North Yorkshire


I met Les about 6 months ago to talk to him with the intentions of asking him to help me train my three springer pups, after a short but rewarding chat we put together a plan which involved me having a lesson a week with one pup and then passing the training onto the other two pups this worked very well.

Then Les said he had a space on his in house training (this is when you leave your dog in Les's capable hands and see them every two week to see the progress). So Kira (my bitch) went with Les and we carried on with our once a week training with the other two (dogs). This made my life a little easier. We have been doing this for about 4months and Les is an assault star. The two I train with Les's help are coming on brilliantly.

But the one Les has at home is really something special - she's fantastic, I can't thank Les enough for what he has done not only with regards to training dogs but in training me, how to train and understand the dog because as we all know all dogs are different. Definitely recommend Les. He's a brilliant trainer, straight as a die in what he says and does, but most of all a really nice guy.

Thanks Les all the best and kind regards
 Ian Goodwill


I have known Les approximately a year. I have two young Labradors that I wanted to train to work with. Initially I took them alternate weeks but they now have their own times each week.

My dog (Tarka) was a natural retriever, a gentle sensitive dog who responded quickly to Les’s training but sadly was held back by a leg problem. This resulted in my bitch (Mij) getting more lessons which she thrived on. She was a handful, very shy and wilful initially and neither of us were sure if she would come to anything in the work department, however with Les’s skill and patience at training both her and me, she fabulous now. Bright as a button, swift as a hare and keen as mustard. She still has some control issues to deal with but she is alert and keen to learn. Now Tarka is back on track, I can honestly say I have never had such good and fabulously well behaved dogs.

Les is a great teacher, he calls a spade, a spade and will tell you if you get it wrong, but with a twinkle in his eye! He is amazingly patient both with animal and human alike and his experience shows with the way he speaks to and handles the dogs. He can get my two to do things I never thought they would do.

We thoroughly enjoy our time training with Les. The dogs always enjoy the time spent working in his wood and I find it so rewarding to see the way the dogs come on, as well as learning new skills myself.

You don’t need to be aiming to work your dogs to have training from Les, it’s great just to know that they will learn to behave in a controlled manner, but if you also want to work with them, then in my opinion, you couldn’t choose anyone better to help you.

I highly recommend him.

Thanks Les

Caroline Christmas, Tarka and Mij

Caroline with Tarka and Mij


Since recovering from cancer , my wife and myself decided our working lab Fynn needed some professional help with his training.so we contacted Les to see if he would be interested in helping us train him,the answer was yes. I took Fynn to training ground and it was a disaster, but we agreed we would go back the next week the same again. Les said it was a long time since he'd a lab so strong willed, but said he'd keep trying for another few lessons.

On third lesson he said he could see potential in Fynn. He's now had 12 lesson with Les and we are now starting to see some very good results. He's doing some retreiving plus blind. Retreivers, He's also starting to Hunt as well. Les is also helping me relax around Fynn, so we are forming a partnership. Without Les's professional attitude and knowledge Fynn would have made our life a disaster.

Thank you.
Roger&Sheila Holder.

We cannot thank Les enough for sorting out our once unruly Labrador, Tilly! As Les says 'she has some fire in her' which has meant that she hasn't been the easiest dog to train, but Les has made this more than manageable! Tilly used to be so excited when we pulled up for training on a Tuesday morning, the sessions were thoroughly enjoyable to all.

Les is incredibly calm and has an amazing way of working out what is the best way for your individual dog to learn - this is quite a special trait to have.

Thanks again Les for all of your help, we miss you!

Sarah & Tilly

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