Mountgrace Gundogs Stud Dogs

All our stud dogs are top class tried and tested working stock, hip and eye tested and selected for their temperament and workability. Last season the dogs worked eighty days on local shoots. Working ability and temperament are far more important than colour. Having said that we do have black, yellow and fox red labrador stud dogs.



Labradors: Black, Yellow, Fox Red all hip & eye tested.

Wilf ( Yellow )
Raven ( Black )

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Puppies are available from time to time - information will appear here.

None of my dogs are hard cases that you see so much of today. I won't have that type of dog in my kennels. These dogs have trainability bred into them which makes them so much easier to train and easier to handle at a shoot.

Our working gundogs are Labradors and Spaniels.

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