Training in Progress

Walk to heel
Thomas and Brock
Lets teach  this dog to walk to heel. Nice one Thomas (my grandson)
Starting them young - Thomas (3 years old) with his springer spaniel dog Brock. Go fetch it boy!
Seek On
Ian retrieves
Seek on
Ian taking a retrieve from his cocker dog, remember that one day last summer when the sun was shining.
Jane & Bess
Bess & Jane
Jane teaching her dog Bess to sit and stay to a thrown dummy.
Kingpin to all gundog training.

Nicely retrieved by Bess who was bred at the Mountgrace Kennels.
Fantastic little bitch with a great future.
Enzo is ready to go
Catriona & Enzo
What's that Les Dixon creating for us now? We can do it Enzo
Catriona taking a perfect retrieve from her labrador dog Enzo.
This was a difficult dog to train as he has a mind of his own.
If he didn't want to do something he wouldn't do it, but we got
there in the end with a bit of patience and training. Well done Catriona
Red & Sherlock
Red & Sherlock
Red taking a retrieve from her springer spaniel dog Sherlock.
Bet you can't guess why we call her red...

Red teaching Sherlock to jump with a retrieve in his mouth.
Very important as a dog not able to jump may panic at a fence
 and drop the game on a shoot day.
Way in
.The entrance to our woodland training ground which contains
 a mixture of habitats for realistic training options.

My springer spaniel pup Heather working in the new training pen.
High hopes for this little bitch.
Bumper boy
The Bumper Boy
This is a fantastic piece of kit operated by a remote control. It works as a standards dummy launcher but can be operated from two or three hundred metres away. It can also be programmed to make the noise or a duck or pheasant along with the sound of a shot to get the dogs attention. It can also be adjusted to launch a dummy along the ground to simulate a running rabbit to teach the dog not to chase game. The Bumper boy can be used to create all kinds of shooting scenarios for training and display purposes.
Next best thing to an actual shooting day.

Pigeon Flushing Baskets
We now have other remote controlled training devices called flushing baskets. As you can see in the picture Kirsten works her dog Cosmo towards the hidden basket. The moment the dog finds the bird in the cover it is released by remote control thus teaching the dog to stop after flushing and not to chase the bird. Exactly as it should be on a normal shoot day.
PS. The homing pigeon flies home totally unharmed.
Pigeon Flush
Marie & Naboo
Kirsten and Cosmo training with the pigeon basket.
We also use these training devices for shows and displays.

Marie teaching her black cocker spaniel dog Naboo to quarter.
Very important that the dog does not work too far in front
as this would flush the game out of shot range
Paul & Jack
Paul & Jack
Paul shooting blanks over his dog Jack as final preparation to get ready for the shooting season.
Jack being sent for his retrieve. Paul is hoping to field trial with Jack.
He is a well trained and able dog so good luck to them both.
Darren & Kate
Darren from Zantra Ltd Crop Protection training his dog Kate to stop at a distance
Kate learning to take directional hand signals at a distance.
Very useful for long distance retrieves when picking up on a shooting day.
Mixed woodland at our training ground with Autumn leaves
Autumn colours in our woodland training ground

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