Training in Progress

Ann with her yellow bitch Bella teaching her to head off in the right direction for her retrieve.
Clare with her superb little springer spaniel Guss now ready for the shooting field

Max teaching Charlie to jump. This dog has come on leaps and bounds. Well done Max!
Ian's dog Cooper retrieve nicely to hand, a real hunting machine

Diane with her Welsh springer, Toby. Sit and stay kingpin to all gundog training.

Ian and springer spaniel Mucker, teaching the dog to work close, very important when rough shooting and beating

Grant and his cocker spaniel Teddy. A mind of his own which is typical of the breed real character...
Pam and Biff, a cockerpoo - a new breed for me, now walking much better on the lead.

Duncan with his dog Monty, springer cross labrador. A very promising little dog - plenty of get up and go,. My type of dog.
The Bumper Boy
This is a fantastic piece of kit operated by a remote control. It works as a standards dummy launcher but can be operated from two or three hundred metres away. It can also be programmed to make the noise or a duck or pheasant along with the sound of a shot to get the dogs attention. It can also be adjusted to launch a dummy along the ground to simulate a running rabbit to teach the dog not to chase game. The Bumper boy can be used to create all kinds of shooting scenarios for training and display purposes.
Next best thing to an actual shooting day.

Picking up team ready for action.
Picking up team in action hunting for birds

Beating team ready for action
Beating team in action quartering the ground


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