More Training in Progress

Paul Mohun building contractor with labrador learning to retrieve.

Jane directing her springer spaniel (bred by Les).
Anne from Armstrong Richardsons of Stokesley feed merchants (01642 710277) and her dog Scotty .

Sarah directing her labrador dog Tilly

Sam jumping a fence with a dummy.

Darren and his dog Sam in the training woods
Cress with her black cocker dog Archie

  Spaniel flushes a pigeon in cover. (Look carefully top right of frame)
Cocker spaniel flushing pigeon in light cover:
  Teaching the dog not to chase birds
Janet and Ruby in training

Hannah and her Cocker Spaniel

John Moor and his black labrador
Archie with dummy hidden in deep cover -
 I'm sure it's in here somewhere.

Got it!

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